Thursday, April 19, 2007

Run Toro Run!

Last week in my TESL Assessment class the girl who sits next to me who always has interesting adventure and travel stories was talking about wanting to run with the bulls in Pamplona in July. July? My ears perked up. When in July? She wasn't sure, but I rushed staight home to my computer after class to find out when the San Fermin Festival is July 6-14!! I will finish teaching my summer class July 6th and the 8th is our estimated departure date for Espana!

Pamplona is actually a few cities on from Roncesvalles, the intended start of our camino route, but after talking with Paul, we decided to start from Pamplona so we can enjoy the festival for a few days and then take off. Plus, it turns out I need to be back a little earlier before the start of fall semester to do some training on some software I will be teaching with anyway. So now we are down to about 400 miles. That shaves off about 25 miles or so, but I figure we can make up at least a few miles on the bull route =).

After consulting my veteran peregrino friends on the Santiagobis group, I found that we can pick up our pilgrim credentials at either at the diocesan offices near the cathedral or the Albergue de peregrinos.

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