Thursday, April 19, 2007

To Run or Not To Run?

So, now that we'll be in town for the festival, I have been having a mental debate with myself as to whether I actually want to get my running-challenged butt out there in the street with those scary horn wielding beasts...maybe I can wear some body armor with my red neckerchief.

Here's how the battle of my wits goes: I sort of want to run with the bulls, but on the other hand I think that is totally crazy. I could get trampled or my eye gouged out, not even be able to start the camino that we have planned so much for. BUT on the other hand where's my sense of adventure? It really is a once in a lifetime experience...

I turned to my girls on the Nest travel board hoping some of them could share their experiences. One of the girls came to my rescue and quelled some of my fears. She did the run in 2001 with some girlfriends and random Canadian guys whom they met in the bar the night before. They started about 1/2 a mile ahead of the bulls, got a two-minute warning to start running. Once they reached the stadium end point (where I've actually been before), they heaved themselves over the wall where they then had a great vantage point to watch the rest of the people and the bulls go by. She did say it was still scary as hell.

Scary as hell aside, getting a 1/2 mile head start sounds like the perfect way to run, but manage some of the risk. And probably help our Moms sleep better at night too.

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