Monday, March 12, 2007

Camino Stats

So, exactly how many people are crazy enough to take this arduous but inspiring journey with me? Here is the breakdown from 2006. These stats are courtesy of one of my fellow Santiagobis member on Yahoo Groups (which came from El Correo Gallego via Santiago Today).

Camino Frances 82,407
Camino Portugues 6,467
Ruta del Norte 5,378
Ruta de la Plata 3,523
Ruta Primitivo 1,588
Camino Ingles 804

These are the different routes of the Camino.
I'd really like to find out how these numbers on the Camino Frances spread out over the different months, summer months in particular since this is when Paul and I are considering going. The map you see to the left is of the Camino Frances Route with its various starting points. We'd start in Roncesvalle, just over the Spanish/French border and head towards Santiago.

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