Monday, October 15, 2007

Signs of Spain

I am feeling a little nostalgic for Spain at the moment so I decided to look through our massive amount of photographs and find all of the random signs we encountered along the Camino this summer. Here are some signs we saw and Paul's and my guesses at what they might mean.

Squid??? Huh??

If you must hover, please don't do it over the vehicles.
Moonwalking on Cars Strictly Prohibited

Caution: Break Dancing Ahead

No big hands here!

Dancing puppets ahead

This was painted on a wall on the side of the road. It says "Love Is Not the Shit"

Leave me a comment if you've got an idea for a better caption!


Nanette said...

Ha, ha! Those are awesome!

tmac96 said...

These are too hilarious! "No moonwalking on cars" is my fave! :-)

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